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Getting Married

August 15, 2024

About Us

Our Love Story

On the day that changed my life, I decided to attend a special contemporary art show taking place in a modern gallery downtown. Being fascinated by art and curious about new experiences, I knew it would be the perfect place to spend the evening.

As I crossed the gallery’s threshold, my eyes were immediately drawn to an extraordinary piece of art emitting mysterious light. It captivated me like a magnet, so I approached to take a closer look. Unaware of the world around me, absorbed in this beautiful abstraction, I didn’t notice that I wasn’t the only one intrigued by the artwork.

Suddenly, a gentle touch on my shoulder made me turn around. There, amidst the crowd, stood Norbert with a smile on his face. His gaze was full of curiosity and interest. We locked eyes, and from that moment, I knew he was the person I couldn’t let slip away from my life.

When did we meet?

August 15, 2005

Will you
be my wife?

When did I say yes?

February 25, 2012

Our Wedding

August 15, 2024





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